North River Mint has been in business since 1996 and 
these designs are well positioned for mobile devices. The company was originally created to usher an upscale luxurious look to an area of home decorating that had traditionally been relegated by decorators to an unimportant position in the home. In actuality however, cabinet hardware with that "special" look connotes luxury to any installation no matter what the cabinets cost. This is similar to what many women already know about dressing. A low-priced or so-so dress works well with beautiful costume jewelry. It's a fact.

NORTH RIVER has almost 300 exciting designs in 8 different categories and over the years we have appeared in just about every decorating magazine.
Our work is not cheap but it's very good " or so we've
been told by thousands of customers. Additionally during our tenure we have never had a complaint  once our cabinet hardware has been installed. 
We're always available for a discussion  and if you ever decide on making a purchase that you consider unworkable at the moment due to finances we can help with extended payments up to three months at no interest. Also, we'll ship to you as soon as they're ready which means you can have them usually in three weeks.

Additionally if you're selling your house, the smart money dresses up the kitchen because women are the decision makers and when they see our farmhouse collection they melt. Think it over and call Corrine, she's the sculptor of our entire collection and can tell you all about it. 858-705-6606